Certified Permaculture Course



26th APRIL – 9th MAY 


A fantastic life-transforming experience 12 day course at Caña Dulce, one of Spain’s best example of Mediterranean permaculture (read more PERMACULTURA) and forest gardening – with an abundant organic market garden and high quality self-build eco-construction, a small community and venue for permaculture, Kundalini Yoga (read more KUNDALINI YOGA) and healthy living courses (read more HIGIENISMO) and retreats. 


This high quality course is certified by the English Permaculture Association (read more  E. Pc Association) and it  has a strong focus on applied permaculture, forest gardening and whole health, personal projects and community sustainability – so it´s suitable if you are keen to learn the pc design tools and techniques of pc to apply to your own projects and create significant life changes or to apply more widely to green building and eco-project development.


With Aranya, Steve Charter, Lucho Iglesias and Matricia Lana (read more about them below)


The course will start by covering the key ethics and principles of pc and forest gardening with a host of  hands on practicals.




Our practicals will cover composting, organic gardening and horticulture, simple surveying techniques, eco-building, forest gardening, ponds and aquaculture, grafting and tree care.

You’ll also have a design project during the course so that you have the chance to practice your newly acquired permaculture design skills. 


Yoga 300 p


Optional morning Kundalini Yoga to awaken your life and creative energy.


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Everyday we will prepare in groups a large vegetarian main meal (steamed or cooked) with a raw vegan option for lunch. For breakfast and dinner you can buy your own choice of locally sourced organic food from our eco-shop at good prices (approximately 30 to 50 E extra the whole course) – some fresh fruits to browse in the forest garden will also be available.

Once in the twelve days course we will all clean the community areas in groups as part of the living together life. 

A range of nationalities expected for the course – and permaculture for both temperate and Mediterranean climates will be covered.






ARANYA is one of the most active and influential permaculture teachers in Britain, and has played an important role in the development of UK permaculture teaching and the Diploma system, alongside others. 

He completed his PDC in 1996 and his Permaculture Diploma in September 2003.

Aranya was the first person to present his Diploma portfolio as a website, he created the Permaculture Musicians project and Earth Stars CD in 2003, and in 2012 set up a Permaculture Youtube Channel and published his first book ‘Permaculture Design – a step-by-step guide’ (Permanent Publications).

Nowadays he teaches PDC’s, advanced design and teacher training courses in Britain and across Europe (more info ARANYA)

He will be three days in this PDC course Aranya focussing particularly in design tools and design process as well as in regenerative agriculture.




SteveSTEVE CHARTER: Pc Diploma teacher with 10 years experience leading PDC´s in Spain and Britain (more than 150 certified students) and is on the Permaculture Assosiation´s LAND Project Advisory Group.

He brings particular experience and knowledge of initiating sustainability projects, sustainable building, community living, social enterprise, natural health and experienceof both grass rootsprojects and high-level mainstream sustainability work.

His strenghts are in innovative and pioneering sustainability projects, since 1993,  working in partnership with private, public education and social enterprise sectors, particularly in the field of sustainable buildings.

He has had a leading role in several UK projects and strategies (Good Homes Alliance on developing the UK´s first training on Closing the Performance Gap (http://www.goodhomes.org.uk/what-we-do/training-pages). For Green Gauge Trust he led work to write an accredit to the Qualification and Curriculum Framework the UK´s first Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in Sustainable Construction and has been a member of the DECC Green Deal Capacity & Innovation Forum.

Steve proposed, designed and helped implement the first UK´s first local sustainable construction strategy in 2000 for South Somerset District Council and helped establish the Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development (est. 2000), now Eco Trust – the UK´s first Development Trust focused on sustainable construction /Planning and Research Director from 2000-2003). During his time at STSD he produced 3 guides to sustainable construction.

He was co-founder of Ecoforest (www.ecoforest.org) low impact raw food project, where he lived in an ultra low-impact life from 2000-2005, helping over 600 people to experience and learn about raw food lifestyles, low impact living and permaculture.

He has been following an all or mainly raw vegetarian diet since 1994 and is author of ” Eat More Raw” (Permanent Publications), the only book to combine raw food nutrition with a permaculture perspective.

Steve lived at Hoathly Hill from 2005-12, a community of around 70 people with 29 homes and 3 community buildings in West Sussex that was founded in 1972. 

He is currently working part time as Education Development Manager for the Bay Trust, a pioneering environmental  education charity in East Kent, which has built one of the most outstanding eco-buildings in the UK, The Pines Calyx (www.pinescalyx.co.uk).

Steve is a father- his son goes to a small Montessori eco-School (www.trefoilmontessori.co.uk).

He also holds an MA in Environmental Planning and an Honours Degree in Economics and Geography.



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LUCHO IGLESIAS: a brilliant practical permaculturist and expert in forest gardening, overflowing with skills, enthusiasm and passion for people and planet. He got his Permaculture Diploma in 2014 with Steve Charter as his tutor and Aranya his senior examiner.

From a young age he felt the call of deep and social ecology as a unified holistic and spiritual vision. 

He studied and worked in various trades related to construction. Since 1990 he cooperated in ecologist associations and NGOs and in several free radio stations, as well as in different alternative magazines. 

In 1990 he discovered permaculture and began to study it and experience it, guiding his life to this science and art. 

In 1992 he travelled for seven months to Ecuador and Colombia where he came in contact with Indian tribes that influenced significantly in the future. He participated in a march of several days walk ended in Quito on October 12, in order to reclaim dignity for indigenous peoples. 

From 1993 to 2000 he lived and worked in different communities and inner growth permaculture projects where he participated in the organization of courses. In 1994 he helped organize and attended a Permaculture Design Certificate course with Emilia Hazelip. 

In this period he also learnt and researched ecological practices, integrated water management, design of food forests, synergistic, natural, traditional, organic and biodynamic agriculture. 

He has experimented and studied the natural way of life since 1995 and nw he teaches workshops on this subject since 2000. 

From 1994-2003 he worked in various horticultural campaigns of companies related to the production and processing of organic foods: Gumendi (Lodosa, Navarra), Call Vals (Vilanova de Belpuig, Lerida) The Mayorazgo (Xeresa, Valencia), etc … 

In late 1999 he settled with Matricia Lana at Caña Dulce, Rio Grande, Coin, Malaga, on a farm of 1.5 hectares, abandoned for 13 years. With the motivation to create a small community within a possible haven for creating, based on the principles of permaculture. 

Thanks to their continuing work and family support, volunteers, donors and friends they have greened this space, planted hundreds of trees and established a mature edible forest, phyto-purification systems, bio constructions, different cropping systems, testing appropiate technology appropriate, etc … 

Today he continue to cultivate and sell the surplus in the certified organic markets and organized by the Association of producers of organic food “Ecological Guadalhorce”. 

In 2003 he graduated in Organic Farming Association with Life Fitness, a pioneer in this training in Spain. 

He received training and advice from different architectures: Iñaki Urquía, Monica Blumer, Camilo Rodriguez Lledo and Patricia Cebada. 

He sel-built several houses and constructions of minimal impact, with different materials, based on the principles of green building and bioclimatic. 

Since 2004 he teaches permaculture certified by the British Academy with Steve Charter. Lucho also teaches advanced courses in Introduction to Permaculture with Matricia. 

In 2004 he proposed the filmmaker Alex Ruiz the idea of ​​making a documentary that would bring positive solutions to the multiple crises living planet and humanity. During the making of the film was devoted to general management, production and promotion.

In November 2008 UTOPIA opens in commercial cinemas. UTOPIA has won national and international awards and nominations and has been exhibited in many places of Spain and the world (see dossier of Utopia).  



OTOÑO 2014 966MATRICIA LANA: a Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2002, leads “people care” sessions on the PDC, using facilitation games and dynamics to unify the group. 

She met permaculture (pc) in the year 95 Elemental Art Gallery, Cádiz, founded by Luciano Furcas and Sheena Lamb.Then she did a Certified Permaculture Design course with ecological pioneer Emilia Hazelip who introduced this multidisciplinary science on the Iberian peninsula. There, in the La Reunion, just outside Madrid, she met and began her path with Lucho.

We worked for several seasons in fruit picking in the traditional, organic and biodynamic field in Spain. We worked in permaculture projects as volunteers and coordinators in order to learn and be able to create an example that expands a form of simple and respectful life with the earth and its inhabitants.

She has a degree in English at the University of Salamanca, with German as a second language. She has worked in different fields of education and translation. She has also studied and worked in England, Germany and Ireland.

She has studied courses in Kundalini Yoga Viniyoga, Reiki, inner growth, movement, clown, self-responsibility for health, African dance, biodanza, singing, Yoga for children, vegetarian and raw food, Shiné Lakthon (mental peace ), Meditation Self-healing Ganchen Lama, collaborative Trees, Montessori pedagogy, creative writing and theater.

She also studied formed the Self-responsibility of health following the five biological laws of Dr. Hamer, with Itziar Orube and she is a facilitator of it. 

She studies Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Roosenberg since 2011 with a group of mothers, who in 2015 co-create a new group of study of this language of life.

Since 2013 she studies Facilitation and Group Conflict Resolution (IFFACE). 

She practices Yoga since 1995, having practiced in different schools: GFU, Iyengar, Kundalini and Viniyoga. For three years she practiced Mental Physics.

In 2002 she completed her training as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga in Avagar School of Madrid, registered in the AEKY, Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga and the IKYTA, K. International Association of Yoga. She has participated in several festivals Kundalini Yoga Tantra White in Madrid and France, as well as ina a meeting with of Mujer de Luz with Nam Nidham. 

Since 2006 she learns the self-healing meditations of Tantric Mahayana Buddhism taught by Lama Ganchen. 

She is a mother since 2009, practicing a natural mothering. 

In 2001-2005 she actively participated in the movement for a New Water Culture.Specifically, for the defense of the Rio Grande near Coin, Málaga, within the Antipresa Group Cerro Blanco, Mesa Amigos de los ríos and Coordinator for the defense of the Rio Grande.  

Since 1994 she follows a vegetarian diet and natural way of life with lots of raw food. She has also been vegan for 8 years.  



 Course taught in English.



Accommodation: dormitory or in your camping tent.




View the planned course timetable here (link to pdf).




PRICE: 660 Euros (545 E in your camping tent) + some additional food costs (typically 25-50 Euros). 

Early bird booking until 28 Febreruary: 615 E indoors / 500 E outdoors


This course needs a minimum of 13 people to be held




To book your place complete our booking form (Download and send by email) and send a 10% refundable deposit (subject to cancellation by May 1st).


At the attention of

Patricia Lana


1491 0001 26 1009548221

(transfer from out of Spain:


IBAN: ES3214910001261009548221





On Sunday 26th there is a bus from Málaga bus station to Coín (PORTILLO company) at 14.00 pm. It takes 1,15 hous to arrive to Coín bus station.

Next bus to Coín is at 21.00 !!!! 

If you come from plane there is frequently a bus from the airport to Málaga bus station.

From there you may catch a taxi with other participants (we will provide one week before the course starts the group´s email  for everybody to organize yourselves). The lift costs about 14 E to Caña Dulce (call Gilito: 665 84 07 67. He knows the way well and is the only taxi driver who bring people to Caña Dulce because of the rural roads).

Or you may come hitch hiking or walking. We are 9 kms far away from Coín. 




If you want to know more about the course please contact us at: 


steve@sc2.org.uk OR matricialana@gmail.com


Tel: 607 63 29 37951 16 50 37


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